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A challenge with actual prizes!

For those of you who aren't also members of fat_bottom_grlz , they're having a "Biggest Loser" challenge. 

"The challenge will start Monday, April 13th, and run for 11 weeks, ending Monday, June 29th. Weigh-ins and points calculations will be on Monday mornings. I'll post Monday morning so you can all give me your starting points. Each week we'll have a new group assignment/challenge/goal, plus you can set one weekly challenge/goal for yourself.

The pre-challenge assignment has two parts:
  1. List your top 3-5 reasons for getting healthy (and yes, I know we've done this numerous times here at FBG, but humor me--it's good to know your motivations)
  2. Take your measurements and a picture of yourself"
miss_elisha is offering a $100 Visa gift card to the biggest loser at the end of the 11 weeks, and there are other prizes up for grabs as well. 
It's a really motivated group of ladies over there, and I'm glad it's someone else running it.  
New plan: recruit boys like this  to work out at my gym.  I would stay on the treadmill all day, just staring.  It's draykonis 's Next-Gen Gym Boys.  Check it out.
So,here are some basic facts about muscles:
  • muscle tissue is built by using that muscle.  Unlike fat loss, muscle can't be gained by dieting alone
  • Muscle cells burn more calories just sitting their twiddling their thumbs than fat cells do ever.  When you exercise?  Whoa, man, watch out. They go through the glucose(what all carbohydrates break down into) like nothing else. 
  • A tissue composed of fibers capable of contracting to effect bodily movement. <--Dictionary definition
  • There are actually 2 kinds of muscles: Voluntary and involuntary.  Without a bio class, basically, the muscles on your organs(like intestines and heart) are made up of a different kind of tissue than the ones for your limbs.  One you can control, one you can't.
  • The biggest muscle in the human body is the buttock muscle
  • You use 17 muscles in order to smile, and 43 to frown
  • When you move you use 200 muscles
  • The strongest muscle in the human body is located in the jaw and its name is the the masseter muscle
  • Your muscles are normally around 40-50% of your body weight
  • Every half a kilo (1 lb) of muscle you gain, your body burns an extra 50 calories a day
  • The fibers you already know about can support up to 1,000 times their own weight
  • 75% of the muscle is water
  • Producing the human speech takes 72 different muscles
  • The human tongue consists of sixteen separate muscles, not one as many people think.
  • muscle weighs more than fat. So if you're doing resistance training and your weight loss stalls, don't panic.  It'll get moving again.
This site has a lot of workouts, but I'll link to specific pages that have no-or-little equipment needed.  Because we're all cheap.
The Office Workout
Beginner Abs
No Weight Workout

I'm sure there are tons of additional exercise websites out there. 
What I learned from my mother:
  • IF your job involves movement, it's a lot easier to lose weight.  Especially if you move boxes around in the stockroom.
  • Pushups.  Against the counter, against the couch, on the stairs, against the car while you're picking kids up from school
  • Cans of veggies make great weights.  Let's see those bicep curls!
  • If you stick your feet under the edge of the couch, crunches are easier and more effective
  • Do squats while holding a small child.  They think it's fun, and your legs get sexy.
So, what are your favorite muscle-training workouts?  Don't have one?  Start it this week.  I suggest ab work, if nothing else.  Swimsuit season rapidly approaches.


101 general weight loss tips


"Drink Water" is on there like 10 times...
They're not all scientifically accurate(#5 is so far off, it's not even funny), but some of the more creative ones look useful.  Like eating salsa...I guess spicy foods would make you eat slower.


A late Week 3/early week 4

I totally forgot to post on the 15th!  Valentines day did crazy things to my mind.  So, from now to the end of the month, the Goal is to get intentional exercise. 
Intentional means it goes outside of your normal routine.  So no matter how sweaty you get vacuuming or cleaning your room, it doesn't count. 
I also want everyone to keep track of how often they work out.  Then, at the end of the month, everyone who reports in gets a postcard drabble for the pairing of their choice.  Sounds good?

P.S. Do we have any t-shirt ideas yet?  I'm thinking we could post the design as a picture file, then everyone could use iron-on transfers to the size and color of shirt they want.

I've been thinking...

About the 10lbchallenge , and how it could improve.  First off, I've come to realize that losing 10 pounds in a month isn't healthy or entirely possible for most people, unless they're at boot camp or something.  Secondly, I think losing the weight should be the goal, not the time crunch.  A time crunch leads most people to think they're failing.  So, here is a rough draft of a new "mission statement" for the Challenge and the community:

To encourage and motivate people to lose ten pounds, through healthy means of competition, encouragement, and learning strategies for long-term weight loss. 

If someone could elaborate on that and/or make it sound cooler, knock yourself out.  Because, really, we all (generally speaking) could stand to lose some weight.  And if we focus on losing just ten pounds, well, then, it's doable.  But the month thing?  That was over-ambitious teenage sisters looking to out-do each other.  Which is good in the short term, but not for the long run.  So now, the "completed challenge" will be ten pounds down from wherever you were when you started, with an open end date.  Does that make sense at all?  More importantly, does that sound better?

Secondly, I want to make  10lbchallenge t-shirts.  It can be the prize for winning the challenge.  I can either do iron-on or get one of those screen-print places to do it, for not that much money per shirt.   But only if people think that's a good idea...
  But I do want a shirt.  Something I can wear to work out in, but doesn't look so stupid I can't wear it elsewhere.  White's crap because sweat makes it see-through, and black fades, and gray looks like something from high school PE.  So blue?  Gryffindor red?   And it should have some kind of logo, or motto, or SOMETHING, on it.  

How about this: if, let's say, 5 people other than me want a shirt for when, not if, they complete the Challenge, I'll get them made.  Any ideas for a shirt design, motto, logo, etc. are welcome.  Then, we can have a vote for the winning design, and the winner gets their shirt in advance, so they can wear it while working on their first ten pounds.  And maybe something else. 

Thirdly, I think every winner should get a shiny certificate to put on their wall.  Or at least a .jpg that they can print out and put their own name in.  Stupid?  Not?  'ELP!


Week Two, Yippee!

Weekly Challenge: Food Diary
I know we've done it before, but it worked before.  So we're doing it again.  

I'm working on a t-shirt design, as the prize for meeting the main goal.  If you have a super-cool ingenious idea for a shirt that somewhere includes the words "ten pound challenge", feel free to contribute.

And that's it! 

P.S. check out my icon!  *points*  Because Hufflepuffs are willing to work hard to get in shape.  Ravenclaws do their research and find all the health tips through Real Science.  And...well, I don't know what a Gryffindor would do to lose weight.  Will power?


Anyone lose their minds the ten pounds in January?  If so, you get a prize.  If not, well, it's February now!

There's always hope!  And to make sure we all get there, or at least to our personal goals, here is the first challenge of February:

Find an accountability buddy.  You and your buddy will nag each other, talk on a regular basis about food, exercise, and motivation.  They can physically slap your wrist when you reach for the chocolate, or slap it from 6 states away.  Whatever you work out, you need a person(lj or not) who gives it their all to keep you on track for weight loss.  They don't have to be part of the Challenge or even trying to get in shape, just someone to be your personal cheerleader and coach. 

Sounds good? 


I just had to share this.
I got a box of Kashi GoLean oatmeal, apprehensive about the taste.  The dry cereals are like rocks and/or kitty litter, depending on crunchy vs. regular.  However, it's high in fiber and protein, and Mom swears by GoLean for her weight loss.

So.  I tried it.  And it's great.  You have to cook it in a microwave, not just with hot water, because the whole grains need to cook.  But it tastes good, especially with raisins added in, and one measley packet of oatmeal kept me full until lunchtime.
Beat that, Lucky Charms.

Week 3

I just realized that the whole week 2 thing I wrote out last week like, never showed up.  Or Frank the Goat ate it.

We're on to week 3.  Yeah.  Winners this month get an official Challenge T-Shirt, design pending.  I promise to get the ball rolling again, and to maintain this a bit better.  Seriously, this time.  But this week's challenge is to get exercise every day.  Whatever kind of exercise.  Get creative. 
I'm going to post whatever I do each day.  And since I realize that there's sometimes a gap in when my week starts and when yours does, a "weekly" challenge must be done for 7 consecutive periods of 24 hours each. 

Also, I have discovered that stocking the sporting goods section at KMart means taking weights out of boxes and putting them on shelves.  My biceps got a decent workout.